Rates: Here are Prices of Various Girls According to their Profiles

The Charges of Russian or any other escort profile is starts by 15,000 for one hour service. Clients seeking the services of escorts in Delhi can expect to find a range of rates depending on various factors. The charges for Russian or any other escort profile typically start at INR 15,000 for a one-hour service. However, it is important to note that these rates are subject to variation based on individual preferences, duration of the booking, and additional services requested.

Clients may choose to extend their time with an escort beyond the initial one-hour session. In such cases, additional charges are applied, typically calculated on an hourly basis. It is advisable for clients to discuss their requirements and desired duration in advance to ensure a clear understanding of the associated costs. Moreover, clients should be aware that certain escorts may offer specialized services or cater to specific preferences, which may incur additional charges.

These could include role-playing, BDSM, or other fetish-related activities. It is crucial to communicate any specific requirements to the escort beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the final cost. It is vital to approach these matters with professionalism and respect. Discussing rates and services should be done in a courteous manner, ensuring clear communication and mutual consent between the client and the escort. Professional escorts in Delhi prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their clients, and any negotiations or discussions regarding charges should be conducted responsibly and within legal boundaries.

Time Duration In Call Out Call In Call, Out Of Country Out Call, Out Of Country
1 Hour Rs.15,000 Rs.20,000 $ 224 $ 300
1, 1/2 Hour Rs.20,000 Rs.25,000 $ 300 $ 375
2 Hour Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000 $ 375 $ 450
3 Hour Rs.30,000 Rs.35,000 $ 450 $ 525
Dinnar Date POA Rs.35,000 Rs.40,000 $ 525 $ 600
Overnight Rs.40,000 Rs.45,000 $ 600 $ 675
Full Day Rs.60,000 Rs.65,000 $ 900 $ 1000